1. Once you tattoo a cactus… its forever. 

  2. Sometimes when you trust your own heart and follow your nose you can end up climbing through the jungle and be rewarded with the most magnificent gift. This captivating point on the island was the result of a morning adventure that gave us a whirlwind of energy for the race against the rain down the mountain. 

  3. One day late in November a curly haired beauty took her blonde haired friend by the hand and chased an adventure to Koh Tao, Thailand. Barefoot and free they took a taxi, an aeroplane, a bus and a boat, spewing all the way until they arrived to the special little island where its untouched beauty was almost foreign to them. Wearing matching anklets covered in bells, they danced around chasing adventures celebrating the simple joys in life while sounding like tinker-bell. 

  4. Time has started sifting through my fingers at a rate that I am not comfortable with. Each day melts into night so fast that weeks are slipping by at a ferocious speed, I guess this is what happens when you’re having the time of your life. With a month until I leave the small island that has filled my heart with so much love, I will no longer let its beauty go unnoticed. 

  5. Sometimes when you take the time to let it, nature puts on the most unbelievable show. The ocean glistens and the sand chimes all the while its beauty is as blinding as the sun. We were given this gift on a lazy Sunday afternoon at Bingan Beach and on our pink floaties, the ocean allowed us to move as one and gave us the time to float around and dream. 

  6. There is an abundance of coconuts, sunshine and hotel pools here in paradise. Life is so sweet

  7. I ride with 3 and am charming while I do so…

  8. Eikon is on fire and our shoes are off… our dancing has reached a whole new level which is sadly resulting in a Kuta rat status.

  9. Canggu has been overflowing with love and joy over the past few weeks while the Balinese celebrated Galungan. This is one of the most significant of holidays as it marks the time when ancestral spirits visit earth. The streets danced with home made decorations made of bamboo and the daily offerings were even more extravagant! 

  10. It’s an island love affair