1. Slowly we’ve been crate-ing a crate relationship with Crate cafe. She lets us graffiti her walls, drink all her coffee, eat her Vegemite, take photos of her and stick our stickers on her coffee machine. What a crate way to start the day, it’s just crate. 

  2. Sundays are always enthusiastic when you’re in the temple with your homies. 

  3. Conrad and I have the same mother, this makes him my brother. 

    He use to be small, but now his tall, and together we have a brand named Albeco.  

  4. Whats more beautiful than floating on Mother Nature herself while the sun gives you the light to play. 

  5. The evolution of Canggu. 

  6. With a fluttering heart and glitter in my hair I linked arms with my brother and walked through a couple of doors that represents a very remarkable chapter in our lives. As we jumped from one island to another I felt myself, and watched Conrad, ease into the calm essence that Bali oozes. It has taken us 3 years to begin this journey and we couldn’t be more ready. The plan is to establish a brand that has long been a plan and not reality. We have worked very hard this first month transferring many years worth of ideas into our first t-shirts that we could not be any more excited about. Albeco, is a representation of myself Alexis and my brother Conrad which we are now ready to bring to you. 

  7. I have recently fallen deeply in love, and on the 14th of June 2014 I was married. I forced my friends to dress in their wedding attire and stand in the rain while I pledged my undying love for two of the most inspiring women I have ever met. We wore shells in our hair that we collected from our favourite beach and stood around a whales vertebrae that we stole from a dead whale at that same beach. We vowed to look after our dog Luna as long as we all shall live and in front of the greatest people in the world we were married by our darling friend Nat. As we hugged and danced all night in a glittery magic vortex of love and nourishment, it was very obvious to me that I had won.

  8. This is what 3 happy cousins looks like.

  9. I was once cooler than this guy. 

  10. Searching and exploring at Tower Hill with 2 of my favourite pals.